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Purity Department

Composed of boys and girls ages 12 -19 years of age. Members ofthis department are called Puritans and classified into 2 groups for age and interest. Ages 12-15 are called Junior Puritans and ages 16-19 are Trailblazers.

The "Purpose" of the Purity Class was established by Mother Elnora C J Johnson of Michigan in 1926. She was led to create an organization designed for preserving a generation of youth with a high moral standard of living. The world has suffered a continued moral decline againstthe basic principles of Christian living the church has been upholding, and the Purity Class is designed to help keep the young people focused on the "true values of good morals, the high standards of living, Christian virtue, and to discourage all forms of vile behavior that violate true Christian virtue." The Purity Class teaches three principles: Cleanliness, Righteousness, and Holiness; in the home, school. community, and the church. We also offer programs and activities to encourage youth to a Christ-centered life of involvement in their church community whereyouth of their same age are involved. Our ultimate Purpose is to try and save our Puritans from the evils of this society such as: homosexuality, drugs, and immorality.


Evangelist Rosalind Henderson, Purity Class President

Sis. La'Coryann Sutton & Minister Ronald J Sutton Jr. Youth Coordinators


Let therefore, Purity Reign In the heart of every boy and girl Or Mister and Miss Purity Let Purity Rule Let Purity Govern Let it be your inner-most being Purity - Purity - Purity

Scripture: "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Colors: Parrot Blue & White

Mascot: Lamb

Flowers: blue dahlia, lily white carnation

Uniform: Aqua blue blouse/shirts/tshirts, and white skirts/trousers

Pastor Tommie A. Coleman

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